Don’t just wish to have a better future! Take the first step and enroll today!

Let’s talk about your tech career.

Do you wish you could earn more and need an advantage?


The How to Earn More Money in Tech Program is designed to increase your earnings and advance your technology career! This program has limited availability, make sure to register your interest as soon as possible.


This program is a combination of executive leadership and business acumen training.  It combines the key elements of training elite executives receive and the key elements of an MBA program.


The executive leadership training focuses on these key skills that can easily add five figures to your annual salary.


·         Leadership development

·         Executive communication skills (verbal and written communications)

·         CXO relevancy training

·         Presentation skills

·         Sales skills

·         Emotional intelligence training

·         Soft skills training

While just the leadership training is enough to help you advance your career the program also includes key business acumen training.  According to individuals with high levels of business acumen have an average salary of $549,171.


The program is a combination of live training via video conference, business and leadership projects, and on-demand self-paced video content.


Don’t just wish to have a better future! Take the first step and enroll in the How to Earn More Money in Tech Program and build the career of your dreams! 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Live Classes

    • Week 1

    • Week 2

    • Week 3

    • Week 4

    • Week 5

    • Week 6

    • Week 7

    • Week 8

    • Week 9

    • Week 11

    • Week 12

    • Week 13

    • Week 14

    • Week 15

    • Week 16

  • 2

    Personal Development

    • Principles of influence 

    • Having difficult conversations 

    • Managing Difficult Conversations

    • Trust

    • How to be a trusted advisor 

    • How to get things done

    • How to heal a damaged relationship

    • Increasing your authority 

    • Increasing your executive presence 

    • Integrity

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Being Open Minded

    • Patience

    • Energy Enthusiasm Edge Execution

    • Mental Toughness

    • Sense of Humor

    • Empathy

    • Negotiation

    • Resolving Conflict

    • Bringing Out the Best in Others

    • Confidentiality

    • Executive Presence

    • Reading People

    • Communication/Learning Styles

    • Sense of Humor

  • 3

    Tech in Business

    • Speeds and feeds vs transformation

    • What is a CRM system

    • What is a ERP system

    • What is digital transformation 

    • What is disruptive technology 

    • What is oversubscription 

    • What is unified communications

    • What you can be an enthusiast or evangelist 

    • Why business leaders don’t care about technology 

  • 4

    Personal Branding

    • How to leverage LinkedIn

    • Making the news Vs reporting the news

    • Things people to do damage their careers and how to avoid those mistakes 

    • Building Your Brand

    • Becoming a Thought Leader

    • Writing

    • How to write a thought leadership document

    • Gaining Exposure

    • What is a behavioral interview and how to win this interview

  • 5

    Business Development

    • Annual Report

    • Balance Sheet

    • Cash Flow Statement

    • Financial Statement

    • Income Statement

    • Building a business case

    • What is operations

    • Macroeconomics vs Microeconomics

    • Inventory an asset or liability (when and why)

    • Supply and demand curves 

    • Rent vs buy calculations

    • The time value of money FV, NPV

    • What is a supply chain

    • Crisis management 

    • Essentials of marketing 

    • Essentials of project management 

    • Use of a swag (Scientific Wild A*** Guess) – Mike

    • Business Acumen

    • Presentation Skills

Don’t just wish to have a better future! Take the first step and enroll today!